With the April 8th 2014 end of support for Windows XP many people have contacted me about what to do.      

    Seems I have been at this so many years they think I have some worthwhile advice.   Well, perhaps I do - so I will share it here and hope that you get some good from it as well.  I have been at this - helping folks with computers - for many years - I will post a short bio here soon to let those who are interested read it - without boring everyone too much here.

Firstly - This is not the first time Microsoft planned to drop support, there were earlier attempts that got pushed back at times, and they did stop support of the original WindowsXP,  then WindowsXP service Pack 1, then XP service pack 2  (different major updates to the original product) prior to this April.  The final major update version of WindowsXP is service pack 3, which is the one that has now been put on the shelf.

So what do you do?  

  • Run to the store and buy a copy of Windows 8?

  • Run to the store and buy a new computer with Windows 7 or 8 in it?

  • Toss your Windows XP computer into the recycle bin?

Fortunately, my suggestion is none of the above.

   In the next group of posts I will explain the good, the bad and the sometimes not so ugly explanations behind my ideas, and offer you some good resources on how to keep your XP system healthy - and if you do need to migrate to later versions, some advice on how to do it as painlessly as possible, and with as little loss of your precious information, pictures, favorites, and links as possible.

   Soon we will have a message forum here to allow questions and answers - and to allow everyone to contribute to the whole process.  Feel free to offer suggestions, your experiences, stories, and comments.  I will do my best to incorporate those into the site as we grow to help those who still love their XP.