www.LOVEMYXP.COM is a help site devoted to those of us who for whatever reason are still using Microsoft Windows XP for the operating system in one or more of your computers. The primary blog section is usually written by a very long time computer user who is known by the email and chat handle of "PROGRAMMER1971".  He started programming computers in 1971, long before the IBM Personal Computer series started, and has had work and interest in one type or another of computers pretty much ever since that time.  Today he is semi-retired, and takes care of a number of websites, while still helping answer questions and work on a PC or electronics project of some type every now and then.  

  LOVE MY XP will also have a section where you will soon be able to find links to other good help resources, and a discussion forum area - where you can ask questions or read and search for answers from folks with similar problems.  We hope to have some computer humor - to help keep you from throwing your computer through the window. Also, we will be open to new ideas and suggestions as we go along.

  We are just getting started - and if you don't find what you are looking for, please bookmark us or add us to your favorites and come back in a week or two to see - we will be growing and hope to help more users every day.